1. CodeIgniter Overview

    CodeIgniter is a toolkit for persons who construct world wide web applications utilising PHP. Its aim is to endow you to develop tasks much much quicker than you could if you were writing cipher from rub, by supplying a rich set of libraries for routinely required tasks, as well as a easy interface and logical structure to get get get access to to to these libraries. CodeIgniter permits you creatively aim on your project by minimizing the amount of cipher required for a granted task. Along with being a Zend declared PHP5 technician I’m also a powerful advocate for application structures (CodeIgniter specifically). That’s why I was satisfied when Pact advanced me about a month before to compose a review of their new publication about CodeIgniter (CI): CodeIgniter 1.7 Professional Development. directed at skilled PHP developers with a solid footing in object oriented programming, the publication provides a comprehensive overview of the CI framework from an unconditional beginners perspective. Chocked full of cipher trials and tips/techniques on how to leverage CIs devices this publication is a great asset for any person new to the framework looking to quickly get up to hasten.

    CodeIgniter 1.7 expert Development is a complete broth to nuts overview of the CI framework. approaching in at 10 sections and around 260 sheets this publication is flawless for those new to CI. The publication begins out with reviewing CIs MVC architecture, scheme libraries and form validation methods. Then the author dedicates 2 chapters to client authentication and walks you through construction your own authentication solution (includes minutia on oAuth and Facebook Connect). submission security, large scale development and expanding CIs centre is furthermore covered in subsequent sections. All in all this publication provides a very well circular trying of topics for entire newbies and experienced developers alike.

    The one chapter I discovered most informative was section 8 world wide web Services. Like most developers, I have done rather a bit of work with consuming APIs but never had to compose one of my own. lately however I was ascribed with the task of composing an API that other developers would be combining with and I had to stagger along and arrive up with my own solution. In chapter 8 the author reviews world wide web services in deepness and how to conceive your own REST service utilising CI. Very cooperative for those new to that specific theme.

    To be honest, when I first obtained the book I was a little let down. I’m not a CI beginner so I was hoping for a lot more sophisticated items, responses to inquiries I’ve been labouring with myself. But after expending some time with the book and writing this reconsider I believe I have altered my melody. The author expends plentiful time on the basic stuff but also finds time to touch on more advanced topics like client authentication (with oAuth and Facebook Connect), application security and web service development.

    If you are a professional world wide web employee who uses CI in your day to day activities then you should address getting this publication. There is a little certain thing for everyone.