1. Yii framework Overview

    Yii submission Development, which seems for Yes It Is and spoke as 'wee', is a PHP structure. It is well renowned to be one of the best most innovative and simple to use PHP 5 world wide web programs. The programs developed with Yii are innovative, evolved and permits fast development. Yii is a high-performance structure for conceiving world wide web 2.0 programs in PHP 5.

    Yii is not hard to understand, fast, recyclable and extensible. It is furthermore considered the best PHP structure available these days. Yii is fast as it uses the "lazy stacking" scheme. Sluggish running indicates any class or piece wouldn't be known as or crammed until it is needed. This permits the program put less bodyweight as well. The newest PHP edition has a lot of new functions and there are couple of frameworks which are already enjoying the advantages. But no structure is as productive in utilising the advantages of new PHP editions as Yii submission Development itself. furthermore the caching assistance is truly incredible which indicates programs evolved utilising Yii fill even quicker.

    The newest Yii edition was commenced in delayed July, 2011. It has rich purposes like DAO, MVC, Effective data, and caching, analyzing, verification and can work with Ajax effortlessly. In a couple of terms, Yii presents the web designers fairly comprehensive and awesome alternatives. It permits the designers and living customers with exceedingly innovative and entertaining world wide web methods. No wonder this structure is graded as the best amidst its adversaries.

    Yii Framework Features

    1. Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern:

    Yii implements the most broadly adopted conceive pattern in Web programming i.e model-view-controller (MVC).

    The basic idea behind MVC is to distinct the representation of data from the user's interaction with it.

    MVC means,

    form: It comprises the information (the facts and figures) and the enterprise rules.

    View: The view contains elements of the user interface such as text, pattern inputs.

    manager: The manager organises the connection between the model and the view.

    2. DB Migration:

    Yii Query Builder boasts an object-oriented procedure for building SQL queries, which helps decrease risk of SQL injection attacks.

    Yii Data get access to things (DAO) enables accessing to distinct database management schemes (DBMS) in a lone uniform interface.

    submissions developed in Yii DAO can be effortlessly swapped to use a distinct DBMS without the need to change the data accessing cipher.

    3.Form input and validation:

    One of the foremost jobs in world wide web submission development is management the types and assembling client data.

    Developers need to populate the form with living data or default standards, validate the client input, display appropriate mistake notes for invalid input and save the input facts and figures to storage.

    Yii's MVC architecture simplifies this workflow.

    4. additions:

    Developer commonly extends Yii during development, like when you compose a new manager, you continue Yii by inheriting its manager class.

    If such expanded code is going to be reused by third-party developers, then they call it an elongation.

    5. Authentication and authorization:

    Yii comes with a built-in authentication and authorization (auth) functionality which is easy to use and change.

    The central piece in the Yii authorization framework is a pre-declared user submission constituent which is an object applying the [IWebUser] interface.

    The user constituent shops for the present client, we can access it at any location utilising Yii::app()->user.

    We can present numerous functionalities by using this component like:

    - ascertain if a client is logged in or not

    - Login and Logout a user

    - Check if the user has access to a specific operation

    - Can obtain the exclusive identifier and other associated persona information about the user.

    6. Skinning and theming:

    In Yii every topic is represented as a directory encompassing outlook documents, layout documents, images, CSS documents, JavaScript documents, etc.

    The book or directions title is the topic title.

    All topics reside under the one book or directions i.e book or directionsWebRoot/topics.

    Only one theme can be active at a time.

    7.Web services:

    Yii provides simplified way of applying world wide world wide world wide web service in a world wide world wide world wide web submission.

    The API's are grouped into categories, called service providers.

    WSDL developed by Yii for each class recounts what APIs are available and how they should be invoked by client.